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How it works

Our team of laser specialists use the UK manufactured Lynton Luminette - Q Laser to deliver intense pulsed light (IPL) to the tattooed skin. The laser light is absorbed by the ink particles, breaking them down into smaller pieces, enabling your natural immune defences to absorb and disperse the ink effectively within the body. Depending on the size and age of the tattoo, we recommend between 6-10 treatments, spaced 12 weeks apart.



As the ink reacts with the laser, a gradual fading occurs, leaving little or no evidence that a tattoo was ever there. We have been helping people across the region with Tattoo removal for some time now and we have come to recognise how distressing an older or unwanted tattoo can be for the individual. An unsightly or inappropriate tattoo can generate a lot of negative emotion when meeting new people or if there has been a change in circumstance. 


What to do next

Fill in the enquiry form or contact the clinic today and speak to our understanding staff and they will help you book a FREE consultation. During the consultation you will be able to discuss your concerns and leave with the advice and information tailored to your individual needs. We want to help make the right decision for you.

What our customers say...
"My friend had been to the clinic and had his tattoo removed, I was impressed with his results that I booked in. Clean and friendly clinic. Would definitely recommend it."
Mr W. from Hartlepool
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