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How it works

The natural process of ageing affects us all. By using Dermal fillers we are able to bring many of the benefits of cosmetic surgery without a long downtime or massive expense. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound, is injected into affected folds and creases usually in the lower part area of the face. This fills out the lines and wrinkles and smooths the contours of the face. The treatment should last between 6 and 18 months depending on your body.



The results of dermal fillers are clear to you immediately. Both Botox and dermal filler give the effect of healthy and youthful skin and provide a major confidence boost. This youthful and natural look is attainable through careful consideration by our doctors and consultation with you of the exact needs and requirements. Our clients are typically delighted with the results of dermal fillers and return again and again; the benefits of repeat treatments is seen over months and years by maintaining a fresh, natural look.

Our client base continues to grow and is largely based on word of mouth and the satisfaction of previous treatments. Make the change today for a better brighter you tomorrow!


What to do next

Get in touch with our team of professionals that will consult with you for the most effective outcome. All our procedures and processes have been thought through to ensure the greatest possible benefit for the lowest spend; we understand you want value for money.


Simply complete the contact form or drop us a line. Take your first steps to a more confident you and find out more about dermal fillers and how the procedure fits in with you and your lifestyle.

What our customers say...
"All the advice and information they gave me about the treatment was easy to understand and explained very well. Very pleased with the results."

Miss B. from Newton Aycliffe
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