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Enhancing your appearance

Youthful - Radiant - Glowing - Attractive

Botox is an injectable medicine that removes unwanted folds, fine lines and wrinkles. Botox as a treatment has been used for over 30 years. Treatment often provides clients with a confident radiant glow which enhances confidence. This really boosts their self-esteem when they are out doing their daily tasks both personally and professionally.

How it works

Youthful skin is highly elastic, taught and springs back into place. As we age, this elasticity wanes causing wrinkles, folds and fine lines. Botox can be administered safely and effectively. It causes relaxation of the underlying muscles, allowing for smoothing of these areas where creases are visible. At Peaseway clinic, we offer you fully trained and highly qualified medical practitioners who are skilled and experienced in administering the techniques required.

Your safety is our priority and we will not recommend any treatment if we do not think you will benefit or if it is unsafe. During the treatment Botox is injected through a fine needle into the areas identified as a problem. Only mild discomfort is felt during the procedure.



90% of our patients are returning customers which tells you how trusted we are and how successful the treatment can be. Our results are outstanding, giving you a boost in morale. Many clients discover a more radiant appearance; a more youthful look is often the reason clients come to us for the Botox treatment. The results produce exceptional improvements in appearance with the skin presenting a more vibrant appearance. We have seen clients leave with more confidence and a real boost in self-esteem.


What to do next

Our team of medical professionals are available at short notice appointments to discuss your needs. We give you free impartial help to decide what the best course of action would be and if Botox is the right thing for you. Operating in a doctor’s clinic we put your health first which sets us apart from many other clinics. Contact us today and we can book you in for your free consultation about the best way forward.

What our customers say...
"First time at a place like this at my age (48) but had been thinking about Botox for some time now. Very pleased with the results, glad I came and the staff were lovely."
Mrs P. from Newton Aycliffe
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